Pest Control In Panchsheel Park

Pest Control South Delhi is an ISO certified, Pest Control Service provider in South Delhi region; established in 2010. We are also active member of Indian Pest Control Association of India (IPCA).

We at, Pest Control have great solution all types of pest control problems such as it might be Termite, Cockroach, Rats, Mosquito, Flies, Ant, Cricket, Bedbug, Fleas, Ticks, Carpet Beetle, Silver Fish, Spider, Moths, Wasps and other crawling & flying insects. We have accurate solution with a bespoke Pest Control Panchsheel Park plan for keeping your place pest ridden to your home or your home and office. We are expanded into hotels, hospitals, banquet halls, embassy, schools, MNC’s, farmhouses, penthouses, apartments, four story buildings and lots more.

We service at Pest Control South Delhi, consumer satisfaction is not just an objective, it’s our main target, to accomplish this. We have a massive list of our best active customer base, we have cured more than 2, 00,000 sites all over South Delhi since inception.

Our adapted treatment / packages are in fact supportive to eliminate any kind of pest from you assets and also its Environmentally friendly in nature.

We are ready to acquaint with ourselves as a top service provider in the area of pest management. Due to well-timed implementation of quality service at affordable price we have reckoned as one of the chosen service provider of our customers. The charge of our service is very insignificant when you compared to misplace and damages done by the nuisances. We have both herbal as well as chemical products to assist you exterminate pest hazard at your sweet home and office.

We happily work 24x7, offering day to day service on a monthly, trimestral, yearly basis or one-time service for special issues.

We make use of the finest Strategic Plans to solve the entire pest problems. Professional in correct usage of Compounds, tools and materials, Chemical choices, Chemical quantity, proper finish for the application and processes. Building assessments (all types). The services enable the administrations to carry out better and rapidest and assist pay attention on significant business features without spending too much time on considering the services.

Pest Control has continually attempted to present superior and more affordable pest management technology for both services and products. Vision and precaution joined with the wish to continuously increase has allowed us to maintain our leading prominence in the country nowadays. With more than years of experience, we reiterate our assurance: that of offering all-inclusive, one-stop solutions in our area of know-how.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to offer our consumers with clean, safer, healthier and flourishing atmosphere“

Our Mission

“Our mission is to cater people by offering Pest ridden and clean environment by making use of environmental techniques and materials to uphold sound health, screen protection of their assets and build success“.

Our Philosophy

We just trust that “There Is No Additional for Performance“. Therefore it is our continuous striving to surpass the outlooks of every consumer, with our quality performance, technical methodology and professional viewpoint at cost-effective price. We are satisfied to be in this industry as it promotes towards defending human well-being, lives, their assets and the quality of the atmosphere.

Pest Control South Delhi

Address:F-66, Flat No. 403, 3rd Floor, behind Ambedkar Nagar Bus Depo, Khanpur Extn, New Delhi - 110062

Phone:+91 8527955537


Who We Are

Pest problem in your premises!! Clear up with our Pest Control South Delhi. We are adept at giving you best service in pest control. Efficient treatment with efficient techniques solves your all bug problems.

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