Pest Control In Nizamuddin

Pest Control South Delhi is setup with a vision in mind to offer the superior quality Pest Control Nizamuddin services for residential and commercial sectors across South Delhi.

As we are evolving company our personnel are highly experienced from Gulf countries more than 10 years. All the personnel in Pest Control In Nizamuddin are well trained from Gulf & offer the similar quality services for you at your door steps. We offer reliable services with best competitive price. We don’t ever compromise with the quality and time. We provide an up to 40% offer for commercial who are earlier taking services from other Termite Control Nizamuddin firm.

Here at Pest Control South Delhi, we take a special approach to pest control. No two circumstances are identical, so we spend time to comprehend your irreplaceable needs and suggest the finest treatment solution for you. We work thoroughly with homes and businesses similar to offer dependable and quality pest treatment and pest deterrence programs.

Pest problems are worrying, and we provide you peace of mind. With our similar day service, you can have faith that we will schedule a suitable time to evaluate and/or treat your pest problem fast and efficiently.


Pest Control South Delhi is a fully Incorporated Pest Management Solution & Training Company, offering an extensive array of services that include Preventive Measures such as Elimination & Removal.

We carry an innovative measurement to using technology in the Pest Management all over India to offer greatest quality service & pest consciousness workshops with reasonable charges.

Our Pest Control South Delhi is an all-inclusive solution built to help services for Homes, Hotels, Food & Beverages, pharmaceuticals, IT/BT Industries, factories, Corporate, State Governments etc with enhanced efficacy and minimal inconvenience.

Our specialty services provide as the first line protection against pests and technology offers extreme effectiveness against target species and least impact on human activity.

Our Pest Control Company combines advanced facilities with technical know-how to build novelties for professional and specific pest management solutions.


Our accomplished specialists will recognize crack and crevice, in external areas such as channels and sewers, chambers, etc. & complex areas such as electrical plug points, electronic equipments etc. to use right chemicals in an appropriate tools (Our responsible experts will be wearing necessary security equipments at the time of Chemical spray in a 6-lt.ability leak proof lightweight hand firmness sprayer and gel bait is utilized as spot treatment with a cartridge applicator with torch). Because of our cutting-edge technology one need not blank drawers or cover up delicate areas or to leave the buildings all through and after the treatment. Therefore treatment can be implemented for offices throughout working hours.


Our well-organized mechanics will always be wearing company uniform & identity card all through their working hours.


Our responsible specialists will be wearing essential safety equipments such as hand gloves, nose mask, goggles, etc., during chemical treatment with seepage proof lightweight hand compression sprayer and torch.


Our technical team will continue Periodic Pest Management Log Sheets for pest observed, reason for invasion, action taken, areas treated, chemical applied & audit report.

Pest Control South Delhi

Address:F-66, Flat No. 403, 3rd Floor, behind Ambedkar Nagar Bus Depo, Khanpur Extn, New Delhi - 110062

Phone:+91 8527955537


Who We Are

Pest problem in your premises!! Clear up with our Pest Control South Delhi. We are adept at giving you best service in pest control. Efficient treatment with efficient techniques solves your all bug problems.

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